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We're a full service landscape designer in San Jose. 

If you’re looking for a reliable landscape designer in San Jose, Ca., Water and Earth Landscape Design is a great choice.  We are able to take your plain backyard and turn it into a custom outdoor living space you will love spending time in with family and friends.  As professional landscape designers, many of our clients reach out to us because they want to take their boring outdoor space and renovate it to be a truly beautiful and well functioning outdoor area.


Our goal is to offer a service that will make our clients jobs easier when it comes time to completely renovate their outdoor space. Typically we will start with an initial phone conversation.  On this call we will discuss your wish list for your new outdoor living area. Once we have had an opportunity to chat on the phone, we will come out for an initial consultation to discuss all of the design opportunities for your outdoor living space. It is in this conversation that we truly show you the value of having a landscape designer. San Jose, California is a beautiful place and your outdoor space should match! Here we go...

The first step of the design process is to create two concepts based off of our initial discussion. The concepts will typically be loosely drawn in a manner that will give you an idea of what the space is intended to look like but still with less detail so there is room for improvement moving through the process. Once we have had the opportunity to meet with our client and present the two conceptual designs, we will then take your feedback and turn that into a second edited plan that will be a combination of the concepts and your feedback.

Landscape Design San Jose, CA

The second edited design will typically be one page in 2-D and 3-D format. You'll notice that in this edited plan, we have taken the original feedback from the concept phase and included new ideas as to help illustrate furthering opportunity for the space.  We have met with you to review the second plan we will then begin to collect the information we need to prepare the completed drawings. At this point the layout of the space has been determined and we can start to focus on what materials we will be using for each feature area.

Landscape Design San Jose CA -Water and Earth Landsacpe Design

The third and final plan is now completed it and contains a site plan, a landscaping plan and a lighting plan. This plan set is done thoroughly enough that it can be given to a contractor for pricing and build off of. While the majority of our clients will have us involved in the construction, we do have clients that either have their own contractor they already have a relationship with or have plans to reach out to find competitive pricing.


While we are able to create unique outdoor living areas in any part of San Jose, CA or the surrounding cities, there are some outdoor features we landscape designers especially like to design. We've been in San Jose, CA a while and so we've done quite a few landscape design projects like you'll see below. 


Swimming Pool Design/Construction:  Swimming pools added to your property can add great value not only to your property cost but also for your family and friends to have a place to relax on those hot summer days. Swimming pools can be built in all shapes and sizes and are a unique feature to add to your property. Gone the days of the traditional swimming pool that is too deep to use, current trends in swimming pool construction are starting to maximize usable space. Traditionally cool steps will bring you down into the pool at 3 feet of water depth and having the deepest section of the swimming pool at 6 feet will provide usability for the entire space for sports or other activities in the water. Additionally, adding a custom spa to your swimming pool will give you another space to lounge in and then show way a warm water and environment for you to use when it is too cold to use the swimming pool or you just you'll like a place to relax.


Pergola Design/Construction:  a very popular feature for San Jose backyards is a pergola or a covered structure over an outdoor living area. It does offer Shelter in the way of gas header boards above the after living area.  Pergolas are also a great feature to hang Utilities off of work to have fines grow up from the base of the posts. Client often like to have lighting, fans, outdoor heaters and string lights hanging from pergola to add some creature comforts to the area.


Patio design and construction:  Patios are a very popular feature because they give you a space to entertain or to just sit and enjoy the outdoors.  Patios can be made of concrete, pavers our natural stone and the color and style options are almost limitless. Patios also serve as the foundation for the more intricate outdoor features.

If you're in or around the San Jose, California area and you're looking for a landscape designer, you CANNOT go wrong with Water & Earth Landscape Design. We will take your dreams and vision and turn it into an outdoor space that is functional, feature rich, and impressive. If you'd like to work with us, we encourage you to check out our gallery of projects here, or fill out our project questionnaire and we will get on the phone with you asap after we've reviewed your requirements for your landscape design. Get in touch with us today to start your project. 



Purchasing a new home with a steep and otherwise unusable backyard that dropped about 80 feet...

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