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Water & Earth Landscape Design Virtual Strategy Consultation

After multiple requests we’ve decided to work this service into our daily workflow. Our 60 minute virtual strategy calls are quickly gaining popularity in the greater Bay Area & Richmond, VA. Whether we don’t service your area, can’t get to you soon enough or your budget is under the amount we typically work with; we can still get you going in the right direction quickly, efficiently and with minimum spend.

The Virtual Strategy Consultation


Meet with principal designer Matt Daly over a virtual meeting and have every question you need answered, answered with detail so you can make calculated decisions with precision. 

For virtual consult clients that may eventually turn into a Design client, we will credit double the cost of this appointment towards our design service fee.

Matt has the answers to your questions and will give you the secrets to be successful. 



60 Minute Consultation = $250.00 

Consultation Objectives

  1. Honest, unbiased advice on how you can most easily achieve your outdoor goals.

  2. Project and execution expectations. Best ways to engage companies moving forward. 

  3. Identification, rough cost and pros /cons for different materials for every aspect of outdoor living spaces. 

  4. Best ways to hire companies to achieve maximum results with minimum spending. 

  5. Best practices for solving functional problems with aesthetically minded solutions. 


Ideal fit for homeowners that...

  1. Know they want to start the process but don’t know where to start. 

  2. Are designing, building, or renovating a home and need everything to tie in seamlessly.

  3. Already have a design from another designer but want a second opinion. 

  4. Homeowners seeking an unbiased opinion. 

"Matt was so incredibly awesome to meet over the phone. He immediately made us feel like we were talking to a friend, not to a business who wanted our money. He gave us honest opinions on the work, on time frame, on businesses in the area, the cost of the work, and more. We have no idea what we're doing and he didn't make us feel dumb in any way. He gave us recommendations to construction companies in the area that won't try and up sell us like most business do."

- Jackie M.


"Matt was super honest and was patient in answering all my questions, even though it was clear early in our conversation that our schedule/budget wouldn't be a good fit with their services. Thanks Matt for the very candid tips and advice, it is much appreciated!"

- Vanessa D.

"Just got off the phone with Matt.

We had a problem that landscaping could fix, and after describing the issue with Matt he provided a solution over the phone."

- Will W.

"Matt still made time to answer my questions via phone, provide good references, and guidance on how best to move forward.  I really appreciate the outreach and the willingness to share knowledge without a sole focus on revenue, but rather on being a good business partner and resources.  I will definitely recommend Water & Earth to friends and family and look to engage on future projects!"

- L.F.

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We turn Dreams into Reality

Our virtual 60 and 75 minute consultation service is quickly gaining popularity in the greater bay area. Whether we don’t service your area, can’t get to you soon enough, or your budget is under the amount we typically work with; we can still get you going in the right direction quickly and efficiently.

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