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One of the reasons Water & Earth Landscape Design continues to be successful is because of our amazing clients. We take the time to help them achieve their dreams with their outdoor spaces, and they honor us with their kind words of appreciation. Check out what our clients have to say about us!

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"Being in the Bay Area and the booming market, all the top 5 landscape architects (that includes Matt within this ranking) have a 4 month waitlist, just for them to even come out and see you. As soon as I reached out, he came the following week, knowing how busy  he is. Matt is still able to work with me within my specified timeframe."

- Mike C.

"If I could give Water and Earth, 6 stars, I would.  This is a long review, but bear with me. There is a lot of talent here in the Bay Area, but it's also very easy to copy and paste a design, throw it in CAD and hand it to you with a shiny bow.  While Matt is very talented, what sets him apart from the other highly rated guys is HONESTY and INTEGRITY.   He talks with his clients, spends time with them and listens to them, not just hears them."

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- Steph N.

"When looking at Matt's portfolio, you may be taken away at the sheer size and level of quality his work exemplifies. I was worried that we were maybe out of scope for the job we wanted to have completed. Turns out, Matt works with everyone, no matter what the size, price point or interests you may have or concerns. Matt cleared the air quickly and made my wife and I comfortable in moving forward with him. He was kind and knows his stuff."

- Wade G.

"I have talked to multiple designers and my experience with Matt has been the best."


"When I came across Matt by accident, I already had a design done that didn't wow me -- at all. Matt responded quickly to my first message and was out within a couple days to meet me and check out my space. He truly listened to what I wanted, even walking through my neighborhood to look at other designs I liked. Within a couple days of our initial meeting, he sent over a plant list for me to approve. I could tell from the plant list that, unlike the first designer, he knew what plants would compliment my home. His design is PERFECT, and I can't wait to have the work done. I will update with photos when the work is complete. I highly recommend Water and Earth Design!"

-Jennifer F. 

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