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Custom Paver Patio Designs For Your Richmond Outdoor Living Space

Whether we are talking to landscape design clients in San Jose or right here in Richmond, VA, there is one outdoor living feature that makes an appearance in almost every project we do–the paver patio. What is a paver patio? Well, as the name suggest, it is an outdoor patio space. However, instead of pouring concrete or gravel, individual concrete pavers are carefully placed to create a custom, permeable, patio space.

We love paver patios for many reasons. They're customizable, durable, reparable, better for the environment, and allow for boundless creative choices. Water and Earth has been lucky enough to work with incredible paver brands such as Techo-Bloc to create beautiful outdoor spaces that will stand the test of time.

If you're looking thinking about installing a paver patio in your Richmond, VA backyard, then here are a few custom paver patio designs and applications to spark your imagination.

Outdoor Dining Space

One of the most appealing aspects of a paver patio it it's versatility. When you install a patio, you are essentially giving your outdoor space a blank space. Like a floor inside your home, it's an empty canvas waiting to be filled in.

In this Richmond space, we used two alternating paver forms to create a designated outdoor dining space. Spreading across the yard are larger, geometric, slate colored pavers. However, to create the dining area, we opted to alternate these geometric pavers with an organic form. The result is a table that is nestled on top of a patio design that is almost reminiscent of a dining room rug.

custom paver patio design in Richmond, va

Of course, great designs mean that each spaces flows fluidly into the next. In this project, we decided to carry this contrast around the house to the new driveway. Below, you see the same pavers alternating to create a visual link as the homeowners enter and exit the space. Bold contrasting colors and forms allow the paver design to stand out, without overwhelming the design.

custom paver patio design in Richmond, va

Back in the main space, you can see how the patio extends further to create additional space. This allows an opportunity for additional chairs, tables, or planters to be positioned as the homeowners settle into their new space and begin to live within the design.

custom paver patio design in Richmond, va

Custom Pool Deck

One of the most common applications of paver patios is their natural transformation into a home's pool deck. As we mentioned, fluidity and cohesion in design is incredibly important to make a space work. Additionally, it's always a bonus when features can serve multiple purposes. This is why many of the pool decks we create are more than just a container to hold water.

Below, you can see an example of a finished pool deck/patio in a home in the Midlothian neighborhood. Surrounding the custom pool is a large, bluestone paver patio. As discussed, one of the things we love about pavers is the sheer range of colors and designs. Whether we are looking for ultra modern, sleek concrete or organic bluestone or slate, there's something for every design preference.

custom paver patio design in Richmond, va

Here, the soft warm tones of the organic bluestone pavers bounce off the rock bed surrounding. In contrast, the pool deck's coping, seen below, is a modern, geometric, gray concrete paver. It offers a wide lip to suggest separation of space, while still tying in to the rest of the design.

custom paver patio design in Richmond, va

The finished result is a pool deck with plenty of room for everyone. From tanning, to dining, to lounging with a good book, this paver patio hits all the marks and looks great doing it.

Paver Driveways & Silver Travertine

Speaking of versatility, this next project, set in historic downtown Richmond, is a great example of how the wide range of options allows designers to merge old world sensibility and design with a new, modern feel.

This project below was completed in a small, urban backyard. Following the client's need for usable space, we decided on a variety of creative paver applications. The driveway, which leads up the side of the home to the garage, is done with small, geometric, stone pavers that meet to form a concentric circle.

The mix of cool blues and warm orange tones makes way for the rest of the space's color palette, including the sleek gray pavers outlining the raised beds and forming the patio surrounding the fireplace.

custom paver patio design in Richmond, va

Moving into the main feature of the space, you see how yet another material comes into play. Capping the base of the cedar pergola beams are those same modern, concrete pavers. However, underfoot, a shimming palette of silver travertine polishes off the space. You can see below how the natural color variation of the stone ties in with the auxiliary patio and driveway, while providing cool contrast for the wood beams overhead.

custom paver patio design in Richmond, va

Mixing of all of these materials creates several different patio spaces that all work as one, bringing this historic home into the 21st century in style.

Form & Function

Not only do paver patios look great, but they allow for flexibility in problem solving as well. Below, the homeowner's were looking to transform their backyard. The space had an incredible view of the James River, but faced some unique challenges. The elevation meant that the yard was incredibly sloped, and yard space as it is typically imagined was not really in the cards. Instead, we opted to design a functional retaining wall, and transform the small space into a multifunctional patio and pool

custom paver patio design in Richmond, va

To achieve this open, uninterrupted living space, we created a clean, simple paver patio using a beautiful bluestone. Around the pool, borealis pavers from Techo-Bloc create contrast and a an organic, naturalistic feel. Dividing the bluestone and the paver is a channel drain, allowing both rainwater and pool water to run off the deck and onto the property below.

Here, both form and function come together. The pavers surrounding the pool mimic wood grain texture, while retaining the function of stone. The channel drain is a problem solving measure that plays into the design as it contrasts off the bluestone. These same materials are carried over to form the unground fire pit, offering additional entertainment without monopolizing the space.

Unlock Your Custom Paver Patio

At Water and Earth, we believe that even the most common outdoor fixtures deserve extraordinary thought and care. That's why every paver patio we create looks a little bit different. From application, to form, to function, paver patios are an incredible opportunity to customize your design and take your outdoor living space to the next level.

For more design inspiration based right here in Richmond, visit our blog. For day to day updates and sneak peaks at our latest projects, follow us on Instagram!

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