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What are StruXure Pergolas? Let’s review.

At Water and Earth, we are all about bringing a union of optimal function and exceptional aesthetic to every outdoor living space we design. In some cases, uniting these two ideas can be a challenge. But some outdoor structures, like the pergola, were created with this union in mind. We’re always looking for new products that celebrate the juncture of practicality and style, and StruXure pergolas aim to fit the bill.

Appearing on the scene in 2011, StruXure is a loud voice in the “smart pergola” conversation. The company specializes in creating louvered pergolas that combine the best of modern style aesthetics with modern technology.

StruXure pergola smart pergola louvered pergola modern steel pergola

Over the last 10 years, StruXure’s reputation has slowly spread. Word of mouth and their unique approach to modern outdoor living helped them gather steam. After 5 years, the company began manufacturing in Atlanta. Since this expansion, the demand for technology in landscape design has increased exponentially, making StruXure a go to for those looking to take a basic pergola design up a notch.

Often, clients want to know where we are sourcing pieces of our designs, and which companies we are interested in. We have used StruXure pergolas in a few of our own designs, and realize our readers might be interested in knowing more about StruXure’s pergolas, products, and the business overall.

StruXure Pergolas–What are they?

The purpose of a pergola is to block homeowners from some of the elements that can impede enjoyment of an outdoor space. However, a traditional, slatted pergola’s effectiveness usually ends at blocking harsh sun, and does nothing to create a rain or wind-proof space. Some clients venture into an opaque pergola roof to help solve this problem, but find they miss the filtered light and breeze that is allowed by a traditional slatted design. “Smart pergolas”, like the ones made by StruXure strive to deliver the best of both worlds.

StruXure pergola smart pergola louvered pergola modern steel pergola

StruXure specializes in louvered pergolas. What are louvered pergolas? Simply described, a louvered pergola is a pergola with a roof that is created using slats that are not fixed, but rather movable. These slats rotate or pivot to allow a constant flow of air and light, but can be closed fully to protect from harsh sun and rain. Louvered pergolas can be opened or closed by the homeowner at will, creating a personalized experience every time you are in your outdoor living space.

Some older louvered pergolas are designed on a pulley system, allowing homeowners to manually open and close the slats. But StruXure has taken the louvered pergola into the 2020’s. With a streamlined design, self pivoting panels, and even weather sensing technology, StruXure has designed a smart pergola that seems to think for itself, adapting to fit your outdoor space as conditions change.

Mixing Modern Technology and Modern Design

As landscape designers, we are always working to merge the latest in outdoor technology with an ambition to create incredibly beautiful, modern spaces. To do this, we look to find companies creating products with this same goal in mind. In terms of bringing smart technology to the outdoor sphere, StruXure has a similar vision.

StuXure pergolas can still be adjusted manually, or by hand. However they can also be conveniently adjusted using a simple app on the homeowner’s smartphone. This means if it gets a little bit too sunny in your space, you can bring the shade without ever getting out of your chair.

For an even more cutting edge experience, buyers can choose to take things a step further and integrate Somfy technology. Somfy technology enables a StruXure pergola to become a fully hands off experience. In these models, the pergola will be able to sense rain and high winds, and automatically adjust the pergola to accommodate for current conditions.

Notable StuXure Products

StruXure pergola smart pergola louvered pergola modern steel pergola

StruXure offers two prominent product lines. Nested within these two lines lie a wide range of variations, opportunities for customizations, and available add-ons. But for the sake of simplicity, we’re going to focus on Pergola X and Cabana X.

Pergola X

The Pergola X is StruXure’s original pergola, and is the model they launched with in 2011. It’s not surprising that the Pergola X remains their most popular product. As mentioned, the Pergola X line contains many variations including the Pivot 6, Pivot 6 XL, Pivot 6 Slide, and Pan 6. All variations have StuXure’s classic, streamlined look, but vary slightly in capabilities and size.

StruXure pergola smart pergola louvered pergola modern steel pergola

Of the four options available, the Pivot 6 is StruXure’s most popular model for homeowners. Offering their classic smart roof technology, this model is so popular because of its great size and simplicity. Home or business owners who are looking for a larger pergola may be more interested in the Pivot 6 XL. Both models contain the original louvered roof with pivoting slats.

StruXure also offers an option for those who want to be able to forgo the slatted roof altogether when desired. Described as their take on a “sun roof”, the Pivot 6 Slide features the classic adjustable slats–with a twist. For days when you just want to soak up the sun, the slats on the Pivot 6 Slide can be slid off to the side, stored completely out of the way.

Finally, the Pan 6 allows homeowners to purchase a pergola where only isolated sections of the roof are automatic. Some areas of this model feature the signature louvered slating. However, some are inlaid with pans to provide constant shade and shelter.

Cabana X

Sometimes we talk to clients who are really looking to blur the lines between indoor and outdoor living. Some may be interested in the concept of an auxiliary living space, but don’t necessarily have the space, budget, or resources to construct one. To answer this demand for transformational and transitional outdoor structures, StruXure created their Cabana X lines. Utilizing the same technology that upgrades their Pergola X lines, this structure goes a step farther using smart slats to create an outdoor, cabana style room.

Cabana X StruXure Smart pergola smart cabana backyard cabana louvered pergola

The Cabana X is available in a more standard model called the Core, or an upgraded version called the Tech. The tech offers users additional technology in the form of controllable LED lights, weather sensing settings, and more.

The TraX System

Lighting is essential in great design, whether outdoors or inside your home. Pergolas with inlaid lighting has become very popular over the last decade as it allows homeowners to use their pergola as an entertaining space even after the sun has gone down. StruXure’s TraX system that allows wiring, lights, and screens to be fully integrated into the pergola without a great deal of drilling.

Instead, TraX uses a system of integrated channels through which components can be run. StruXure pergolas can be installed with TraX tech, or homeowners can opt in later on down the line. Of course, not everyone is interested in spending additional money to streamline cords, and some homeowners don’t have a need for recessed or pergola lighting in the first place. Still, it’s nice to keep your options open.

Is a StruXure system worth the money?

StruXure pergola smart pergola louvered pergola modern steel pergola

Often, homeowner’s ideas of a pergola are simplistic. They simply want a structure that can provide some shade and relief during sunny months. Sometimes this is genuinely all they want, but other times homeowner’s are simply limited by a lack of knowledge of what is possible and available on the market today.

If you’re interested in a more luxury or customizable experience, looking beyond the standard pergola system may be well worth it for your family. Weather is not the same day to day, and a pergola that was great at allowing you to relax on your patio in the sun will probably not be as functional come rainy days.

Louvered pergola systems like StruXure’s systems are an answer to the demand for more flexible, adaptable, versatile outdoor living technology. Is it worth the money? We can’t answer that. What makes sense for one family may not be worth it for another. No two people will use their space in the same way. But what we do believe in is great design that helps homeowners bring their backyard as close to their dream space as possible. If that includes a luxury, louvered, or smart pergola, then StruXture is a great name to look into.

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